T5W: Bookish Things I’m a Grinch About

Hello(!) fellow treasure hoarders!!! I hope your Wednesday (and week) are lovely so far. I know I post pretty sporadically, but I am easily distracted by shiny things. That being said, this week gets posts!!!

For this week’s Top Five Wednesday, it’s bookish things that I’m(you’re) a grinch about. Easy peasy, right? Right.

5)Faces on the cover!

I’m fairly sure this bugs a lot of people out and for good reason! It’s creepy and makes me feel so uncomfortable.


4) Totally unnecessary cover changes!

WHY do publishers think this is ok?!?!?! (I get it, authors have no to little say in this and I would never it take it out on their precious being, they who give me escapism in its most delicious form). Take, for instance, the updated cover for Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. Just…WHY?!?!


3) Movie adaptation covers!

As you can see, I’m becoming particularly grinch-y about covers (I’m so extra) and I don’t know who I am anymore. What I do know is that this is




2) Overwhelmingly long book titles!!

Honestly, I don’t run into this one often but when I do, I definitely cringe (internally, of course). Now this one won’t stop me from buying a book (the others will. In fact, I will specifically put a book back on the shelf if it has offended me with its face) but I will sigh audibly whenever I look at it, until someone in my house prompts me to explain the sighing, which I then launch into a long-winded tirade about the long-winded title, while slowly watching the light in my sister’s eyes die out (soooo extra).


1) Different sized hardcovers.

Why?!? The smaller ones are so much nicer. Take the Grisha Trilogy next to the Six of Crows duology

Honestly. Same publisher. Same genre. Hell, same universe. (You can’t tell in this picture, but SoC and CK have dyed edges and are just so stunning). Well, at least they are pretty.

So, fellow reptiles of the colossal variety, this is my T5W post. Be sure to head over to goodreads and check out “Top 5 Wednesday” created by Sam(Thoughtsontomes) and Lainy(gingerreadslainey) of Booktube. Toodles!!!


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