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Stand with Paris

It’s important to remember WHY we should stand with them. They mourned for us. “Today…We are all Americans” Don’t be petty because, what, they aren’t the best of friends with us in times of calm? Well, we aren’t exactly friendly towards them either. Most people I know make fun of the French. But in times of crisis, when Unity is needed, we rise up, because at the core of it, we are human. We needn’t be the best of friends to feel the pain of another. Stand with Paris. Stand with those who have fallen, who cannot pick themselves up. Lend a hand to the wounded. The tears of those who cannot help themselves should move you, filling you with compassion you never even knew you had. My prayer is that humanity is reminded how powerful they really are when their hands are filled with love, instead of hate.



This link will show you just how reactive other countries were


Just gonna put this out there:
I see a lot of people not really understanding why some are caring whether or not Paris was bombed. I mean, we aren’t besties with them, so they shouldn’t be worth our prayers or our tears, right? Wrong.
Maybe we don’t always see eye-to-eye with France, or any country really, but you can’t possibly tell me that those people who died are worthless to you because our countries had disagreements or arguments in the past.
We are never going to agree with other countries 100%. Ever. And they most certainly won’t agree with us 100%. That shouldn’t stop us from being empathetic and sympathetic towards them during times like these.
Just sayin’.

317049_10150371506294651_424554117_nI miss you. Everyday. But I try not to think about you. The way you treated my siblings, your children, makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. Their hate is palpable and complete. Sometimes, I think they look at me and see you, and maybe hate me a little too. I was the one you babied, because I was your baby. But I miss you. Sometimes, your memory breaks through the walls I built up around it and I FEEL you. I remember your smell, the way I felt safe when you hugged me. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t, because you didn’t show them that love, not like you showed me. But I was the baby.

Sometimes, I’m angry at you, for what you’ve done. Until I remember that you were sick, mentally. Maybe you don’t deserve their hate, but does that mean you deserve their love. After your death, when the siblings opened my eyes to your unkindness, I forced myself not to feel. I forced myself to stop missing you. I forced myself to stop loving you. Locking you away in a darkroom in the recesses of my mind. I hide the pain away. No one knows how much it hurts to not have you in my life. To be in this world and to have been handed such a shitty lot in life. I make do with what I have and am always trying to make it better, but… I’m numb. Locking you out, locking you away, has made me numb. I felt like I can’t love you because of what you’ve done to them.

I don’t blame you. And I certainly don’t blame them. I hope you are freed from whatever broke you in this life. I do blame myself. I constantly ask, “Why? Why do I continue?” I don’t want to be here. I wish you hadn’t brought me into this world. There is nothing special about this world or about me. Living in the shadows of much better people like my siblings makes me feel worthless. I will never be what they are or what they want me to be. I can’t make them proud of who I am.

The shadow of you rest heavy on me. Why did you go? Why did you bring me here? Just…why? I think I miss you, but I can’t tell. I’m numb. I haven’t cried in a long time. I don’t even think I can love. I’m certainly undeserving of love. Am I as broken as you were?


Your daughter.

Your very confused daughter.

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Lara Willard

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A New Day

Every day is a new day for me. I wake up in the hopes that this will be the day of change. That maybe when I turn on the news, there will be a little less hurt, a little less pain. I see that the world is getting worse every day; someone is suing someone, killing someone, stealing from someone for no reason other than to do the act in which they do. It makes me sick to my stomach to live in this world sometimes.

There is a darkness, sometimes, that is inescapable. But I still have hope that everything will be different in the morning. After all, tomorrow is a new day, yeah?