It’s important to remember WHY we should stand with them. They mourned for us. “Today…We are all Americans” Don’t be petty because, what, they aren’t the best of friends with us in times of calm? Well, we aren’t exactly friendly towards them either. Most people I know make fun of the French. But in times of crisis, when Unity is needed, we rise up, because at the core of it, we are human. We needn’t be the best of friends to feel the pain of another. Stand with Paris. Stand with those who have fallen, who cannot pick themselves up. Lend a hand to the wounded. The tears of those who cannot help themselves should move you, filling you with compassion you never even knew you had. My prayer is that humanity is reminded how powerful they really are when their hands are filled with love, instead of hate.



This link will show you just how reactive other countries were


Just gonna put this out there:
I see a lot of people not really understanding why some are caring whether or not Paris was bombed. I mean, we aren’t besties with them, so they shouldn’t be worth our prayers or our tears, right? Wrong.
Maybe we don’t always see eye-to-eye with France, or any country really, but you can’t possibly tell me that those people who died are worthless to you because our countries had disagreements or arguments in the past.
We are never going to agree with other countries 100%. Ever. And they most certainly won’t agree with us 100%. That shouldn’t stop us from being empathetic and sympathetic towards them during times like these.
Just sayin’.