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Lara Willard answers genre questions: What's Magical Realism? What's the difference between Science-Fiction and Fantasy? What genre is my novel?

I’m not a published speculative fiction author or agent. Am I really qualified to write such a post, or am I just making things up as I go? You be the judge.


  1. SFF Sub-genres Used in #SFFpit
  2. The Difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy
  3. What’s the Difference between…
  4. Setting-Based Sub-genres
  5. Literary Fantasy
  6. Fantasy Romance or Romance Fantasy (Order Matters!)

SFF Sub-genres Used in #SFFpit

If you are writing sppeculative fiction and plan on pitching via #SFFpit, or if you are researching #MSWL, you need to know your sub-genres. The total list, as of December 2014, is below. I’ve divided them based on the requirements of the sub-genre.

By Subject (Genre Depends on Specific Tropes)

  • #FA – fantasy
  • #DF – dark fantasy
  • #EF – epic or high fantasy
  • #MYF – mythic fantasy
  • #PN – paranormal
  • #SF – science fiction
  • #DS – dystopian
  • #ML – military science fiction

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