Rowena-Out Of This World


Iris walked into the vast kitchen of the Quinn Family home, trailing blood with every step. She absentmindedly flicked something bloody and squishy from her shirt, watching it land on the floor before her. She stopped at the kitchen sink and turned on the cold water, running a nearby dishcloth under it, thoroughly soaking. As she began to scrub at the blood staining her favorite shirt, Gideon walked into the kitchen. He observed her for a moment, either at a loss for words or deciding how to reprimand her. This wasn’t the first time she’d waltzed in covered in blood, so she suspected the latter.

“Yes?” She asked , still looking at her shirt.

“Grandmother is going to have an aneurysm if you keep trailing blood through the house. We’ve gone through five maids already.” He replied, keeping his tone clipped, which told Iris he was annoyed.

She looked up. “Five. Really?” She donned an innocent look. “I don’t understand how we could possibly go through five.”

“Enough, Iris.” snapped Gideon. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and sat at the small table designed for the help to eat at. His hair was slicked back, held together in place by copious amounts of gel, no doubt.

Iris scanned over her brother. “You look nice.” He narrowed his eyes at her. She shrugged and went back to her shirt, mumbling. “Fine, don’t take a compliment.”

“Thank you,” he said after a moment. He cleared his throat and Iris prepared for a long lecture.

“You need to talk to Elysia.” He said, catching her off guard. She recovered after a second and looked up.


“Because she listens to you.”

“No, I mean, what did she do?”

“Dyed her hair a very violent green. Grandmother had a fit and sent her to her room for the rest of the evening.”

“I see. Why can’t one of you older siblings talk to her? And where is mom?”

“Like I said, she listens to you.” He gave a long suffering sigh, “Mom has checked out again. Don’t know when she’ll be back.” He stood and buttoned his suit jacket back up. He looked over his little sister. “What was it this time?”

Iris threw the cloth into the sink. “Rabid werewolf.” She turned back to her brother. “I had no choice. I’ll notify the pack tomorrow, when I no longer smell like their dead kin.”

Gideon nodded. “You did what you needed to do. They’ll understand.”

Iris doubted that, but she kept her thoughts to herself as he left the kitchen. She went the other way out of the kitchen and headed up to her room to change before she checked on Elysia.

Her 15 year old sister was filled with the usual teenaged angst, amplified by the fact her powers has not manifested. Her acting out was her way of coping with being a late bloomer, but, Iris supposed, it needed to stop.

Iris changed quickly, wanting to see the green more than anything. Anything that sent grandmother over the edge amused her greatly.

She knocked lightly on the door to Elysia’s room and waited. When it was clear she was being ignored, she opened the door and walked in. Her eyes were instantly assaulted as she looked around the room.

Elysia had colored her entire room a bright electric green. Pictures of little green aliens were strategically placed around the room, some posters, some paintings. In the center of the room was Elysia’s four poster bed, also green, with Elysia herself planted in the middle of it, hair to match the room.

“So,” Iris said as she shut the door behind her, eliciting a glare from Elysia, “drop some acid?”

“No,” came the flippant reply.

“Ah. Fashion statement, then”

Elysia continued to ignore her, eyes glue to a book.

Iris cleared her throat. “What are you reading?”

Elysia shrugged. With an annoyed sigh, Iris waved her hand, causing the book to fly from Elysia’s lap to Iris’ outstretched hand.


Iris looked at the cover. How to Know if You’re an Alien. She looked at Elysia incredulously.

“You think you’re an alien?” She asked, thoroughly confused.

Elysia crossed her arms. “Yes. It would explain why i can’t do magic.”

Iris stared at her sister open-mouthed. She shut her mouth and opened it a few times before finally asking “How’d you color everything in the room?”

Elysia lifted her chin, looking defiant. “A potion.”

Iris started laughing. “A potion?” She asked.

Elysia nodded, confused.

Iris sat down on the bed next to her little sister. “Elysia,” she said quietly, “the only way for you to do this kind of magic, even with a potion, you have to HAVE magic.”

Elysia looked at her disbelieving. “Really?”

Iris nodded. Elysia plopped next to her and hugged her knees to her chest.

“Grandmother is so mad at me.” She said quietly.

Iris shrugged. “What does she know? It’s been a long time since she was a teenager. That old bat doesn’t understand.” She nudged Elysia’s shoulder, smiling at her. “Next time though, just come to me. I can help you and you won’t end up turning your hair green.”

“I did this on purpose,” Elysia said shyly.

“So keep it.” Iris stood. “Be you, Elysia. You want green hair, go for it.” She gave a one shoulder shrug. “Just be wary of consequences with magic. This,” she waved her hand around the room,”was innocent. But magic isn’t something to just toy.” She walked over to the door and opened it and walked out, not letting Elysia reply.

She walked down into the library, hoping to find a book to read as she took a long bath. She found her grandmother by the fire. Her step faltered as her fierce grandmother looked up her.

“Did you talk to your sister?” She asked, piercing Iris with her gaze.

Iris nodded, grabbing the nearest book closest to her and started backing out of the room. “Yup, all taken care of.”
Her grandmother gave a small smile. “Good.”

Iris started to turn away when she was stopped.



“You should know, that some bats have remarkable hearing.”

Iris blanched. “Right,” she said softly.

“Goodnight, Iris.”

“Goodnight, grandmother.”

She left quickly, and ran back up to her room, shutting the door behind her.