The oldest cat in my Parents house is, or rather was, Pudge. He was there long before I was adopted into their family and he is the type of cat to touch the hearts of everyone who met him. He was loving in nature, at times needy, but always an earthbound angel.

He would crawl into whatever lap was available during family time and make himself comfortable. He felt like dead weight most of the time, and there were occasions we had to check his breathing because he slept so soundly, so comfortably in the safety of his Kingdom. We may have been the lead mammals in the house, but he was King. We were his subjects, us humans and the other cats.

He was the best snuggler, wanted or not. He knew how to make you smile, his long gray multicolored hair shimmering, because even when he was dirty, he still looked beautiful. He was truly the most amazing cat. And like all cats, he proved to me that every living creature has a different personality. But sadly, all good things must come and go.

I live very far away from my family up in Spokane and away from the kitties, so I was dismayed when The Odd Little Brother posted on facebook that Had been missing since Thursday. Last Thursday. I hoped against hope that may he was just stuck in a garage nearby. But in true cat fashion, it’s believed that he went off to pass from this life. He said his goodbye and loved on the Little One, and then left. I wasn’t there to say my goodbyes, but I’m sure he knew I loved him. That’s what I tell myself.

With hopes, he has gone to heaven and is nestled on Our ever loving father’s lap, snoozing contentedly.  Because Heaven is the only place a cat such as Pudge could have gone.