A Reader, A Writer

From the time I was very little, I was a Reader. Voracious. Avid.Whatever. I read so much and I read everything. I read encyclopedias (where did that girl go????), I read fiction, I read those stories about animals saving their owners (thanks to every school whose library had at least one copy and one version of those books). I read everything. I was the kid to holler out the street signs and every sign along the highway (PS Cali has soooo many). I’m sure you can imagine the long suffering looks I received from the Fam. The point of this? I have always been a reader. Books are the family that soothes my aches and pains, they are the friends that understand my wayward emotions, they are the therapist I clearly can afford. And they are always there. Such a constant presence in my life and with my ever growing TBR (To Be Read, for those of you just stepping into the bookish community), it’s unlikely they will ever leave me (no, I don’t have abandonment issues. Why do you ask?????). So, it should be no surprise to ANYONE that my goal is to join the ranks of the ones who create these magical tomes.

I am a Writer. I am not author, because I have nothing published, nor do i have anything close to finished (but I do have 2 works about halfway done, so that’s cool), but i am definitely a writer. For a little background, let me tell you why.

When I was 14, my mother passed away. I was 3000 miles away with my biological father and taking a bath the night of the saddest phone call of my life. Fast forward past a series of events, each worse than the one before, until finally I was placed with a wonderful foster family (I knew them, friend’s parents and whatnot) with court mandated counseling between father and child. Needless to say, dear old dad stopped showing up after session 3. However, I went a few more times. The counselor, while not the best, did give me one solid piece of advice: “In times like this, when you feel so out of control, you write. I’m not talking about journaling, though that can certainly help; I am talking about creating a story in which the protagonist saves the world or saves herself or saves someone she loves.” 

Turns out this method of coping is really beneficial and years later, my Mary Sues that can do no wrong and were basically me saving myself from this horrific monster that no one else can fight have turned into these tragically beautiful characters who make mistakes and love with all they have in them and maybe the monsters they fight are insurmountable, but they do it anyway because that is the way of things.

And so, I am a Writer and I am a Reader and books and stories are my life. But this blog is not just about that. This is  about everything that I am. I hope you enjoy it, because I enjoy doing it.